The call of Roero is stronger than the rain "you could say commenting on the results of the third edition of Roero Days, which was held on April 8 and 9 in the prestigious stage of the Castle of Guarene.


The Consorzio del Roero comments are oriented towards satisfaction and so are those of the producers, more than seventy, who have populated the spaces that the Castle of Guarene has made available.

Sunday, April 8th was the day of the fans, a tide of people who - coming a bit from all over Northern Italy, predominantly North-West - stormed the exhibition and tasting spaces, to the point that in the second half of the afternoon the organizers were forced to limit access to those who had already activated online accreditation.

Monday, April 9th ​​was, instead, the turn of professional visitors, above all restaurateurs, enotecari, wine and wine bar managers, mainly coming from Piedmont, but with good representation also from the neighboring regions (Liguria, Valle d'Aosta and Lombardy and a very good representation from North Europe and China.

The success also involved the internal events at the Castello di Guarene, both the laboratories dedicated to Roero Arneis and Roero, often in the company of wines from other territories, and the complementary activities carried out with the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.

Excellent comparison of the side events, with the success of both the photographic exhibition of Carlo Avataneo at the Castle of Monteu Roero, and the first Fair of the book on the Roero that was held in Montà (of which you can see the photos by clicking here).

The large tasting bench at the Castello di Guarene, the photographic exhibition at the Castle of Monteu Roero and the Book Fair on the Roero at Montà were three events that could live off of autonomous energy. The fact that they have been put on the net and that between them has created a positive synergy has increased even more the overall result.

It is not even to neglect the response that came from "Roero Week", or the involvement of about sixty restaurants that proposed to the glass and at prices of absolute interest three Roero Arneis and three Roero in their systematic reception activities.

In the coming days, it will be up to the Consorzio del Roero, as a promoter and organizer, to make its most thoughtful and concrete evaluations. But already hot we can say that the chosen path is the right one and that - if consolidated and strengthened - can only give further satisfactions over time.

The comment of the mayor of Guarene

Great satisfaction for the first citizen of Guarene and president of the association of the mayors of Roero Franco Artusio: "Roero days was an excellent event, perfectly organized and very participated and appreciated by the public".

The mayor goes on to thank the volunteers and the organizers for the perfect management of the event. «Despite the crowd that invaded Guarene during the two days there were no problems of some kind» comments Artusio, who concludes: «I would like to thank the Civil Protection for the excellent work done and the organizers, who managed to manage the event in the best way".

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