News from Alba -  week 27th June 2017


It is a very dry week over here, no rain, sunny from morning to late evening, enjoying “quality” time with family & friends. Made In Italy Travel is trying to follow all local press and we want to inform you of food and wine issues but also of events beyond it which made Piemonte to what it is represents worldwide right now.

Which issues caught our maximum attention:

-          Growth of Piemonte in general: 1.9%. Growth of number of labour contract:  2%.  Beware that in Piedmont we have a lot of non Italians at work in the vineyards and in all industrial companies. All type of criminal acts decreased from 0.64 to 0.54% and in general poverty is increased but criminal incidents decreased. Between the economical level of a famous winery with world wide reputation and a local version only selling 2000 or 3000  bottles there is some difference. Also for those working in the field (vineyard) 

-          Summer sales started also in Alba,  super “sconti” for very famous labels until 70%.  July in Alba means enjoying a maximum of atmosphere which goes along normally with the happy and amusing, but mainly focused on emotional interactive shopping. 

-          Oscar Farinetti,  the “big boss” of Eataly was receiving the award of Innnovation and Promotion honoured businessman by Rotary Alba. He created in fact a very important business which grew from Piedmont and spread all over the world;

-          Paolo Conto,  concert programmed for 27 October 2017: we have special deals which including accommodation &concert reservations.  You can book tickets from 30 tot 100 €;

-          Cheese 2017 (20 years)  -  from 15 to 18 september 2017 -  270.000 cheese lovers from all over the world will be “on site”  with 300 exhibitors from 23 countries. Did you read our best offers for this event, accomodation & slow-gastronomy? The official programm was presented last week,  update your agenda with this worldwide promoted event;

-          I venerdi del Borgo Neive:  for those who love classical music,  certainly 7th of July will be the most impressive one in the church of Santi Pietro. Even if you miss this one, just inform with us about the the initiatives of 21st and 28th July. Do not miss these because even if weather conditions should be a problem, the organizers have a back up plan.

-          Govone,  less know because on the other side of the Tanaro river and less promoted outside of Italy. However San Pietro is “in the house”, meaning 1st to 8th July a lot of local events. 

Sorry but you did miss these opportunities

-          Alba Magica:  1st July – 17.00 h – Pinacoteca del Municipio – Beppe Fenoglio etc and a very exclusive tasting of Vermouth;

-          Monta Etnicamente:  cultures from all over the world meet,  propose food, artisan made objects and music from their home countries and connect with others.  An event with a lot of chaired enthousiasm;.

-          Movida -  event in Alba, focused on shopping, music and dance as a late evening event in the heart of the city:

and some 15 of other events representing every kind of emotion which a non Italian and moreover a non Piedmont is expecting in Piedmont.

If you come here for vacaction or business/leisure trip,  do contact us and we'll get the best out of your stayover here! You deserve the most out of your quality time,  I guess. Write to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.  

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Karina Imschoot

Why is she your best choice for Top Quality Time Holidays?

She visited Piedmont in 2006, fell in love with the region, spent holidays 4 times a year in Piedmont and finally has settled her home in Piedmont in  2012.

She lived in both places:  first Cherasco, then Barbaresco but returned to Cherasco.

With her knowledge,  with the fact that she came in as a tourist as well and lived all experiences as a tourist,  she is a perfect match for your quality time in Piedmont

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