A few months ago, a study was published  on the increase of young people engaged in the agricultural sector.


How many young farmers are there in the province?

La Granda is the green province par excellence: with over twenty thousand companies, the agricultural sector is the first for the number of companies registered in the Chamber of Commerce, with a value of just under 30%, a result that also applies to the number of companies in pink (35.3%) and for young people engaged in agriculture (21.6%). In recent years, we have witnessed a renewal process of vital importance for companies, with a significant number of young people entering the agricultural world, both taking over from family activities and creating new businesses. As of 31 December 2017, 1,384 farms of young entrepreneurs were registered in the province of Cuneo. As far as the distribution of enterprises is concerned, agriculture precedes all the other sectors.

What happens in our territory reflects the national data. Italy with over 55 thousand farms run by under 35 is at the top in Europe for the number of young people employed in the sector. The growth is also confirmed by the increase of agricultural students, in high school and at university. Faced with economic and productive scenarios that fail to ensure a stable future, young people increasingly choose a future linked to the earth. The generational change must be further strengthened, accompanying it with the Rural Development Plan, which is fundamental in creating opportunities and giving space to the establishment of new companies.

What are the main characteristics of this return to agriculture?

The return to work in the countryside is also encouraged by the diffusion of new technologies, because, according to our surveys, young people use the Web every day, one in four graduates, while eight out of ten are used to traveling and going abroad. a peculiarity that helps them to enter new markets and enhance their products around the world.

In addition to the more traditional ones, linked to family farms, such as breeding, fruit growing and viticulture, young companies are dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient grains, to food and environmental education activities with schools, farms and educational gardens, up to the paths of pet therapy. There are many facets that see young people increasingly protagonists of agriculture, with a sensitivity and a strong focus on the environment and social.

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