More young people choose to return to agriculture in Piemonte

A few months ago, a study was published  on the increase of young people engaged in the agricultural sector.


How many young farmers are there in the province?

La Granda is the green province par excellence: with over twenty thousand companies, the agricultural sector is the first for the number of companies registered in the Chamber of Commerce, with a value of just under 30%, a result that also applies to the number of companies in pink (35.3%) and for young people engaged in agriculture (21.6%). In recent years, we have witnessed a renewal process of vital importance for companies, with a significant number of young people entering the agricultural world, both taking over from family activities and creating new businesses. As of 31 December 2017, 1,384 farms of young entrepreneurs were registered in the province of Cuneo. As far as the distribution of enterprises is concerned, agriculture precedes all the other sectors.

What happens in our territory reflects the national data. Italy with over 55 thousand farms run by under 35 is at the top in Europe for the number of young people employed in the sector. The growth is also confirmed by the increase of agricultural students, in high school and at university. Faced with economic and productive scenarios that fail to ensure a stable future, young people increasingly choose a future linked to the earth. The generational change must be further strengthened, accompanying it with the Rural Development Plan, which is fundamental in creating opportunities and giving space to the establishment of new companies.

What are the main characteristics of this return to agriculture?

The return to work in the countryside is also encouraged by the diffusion of new technologies, because, according to our surveys, young people use the Web every day, one in four graduates, while eight out of ten are used to traveling and going abroad. a peculiarity that helps them to enter new markets and enhance their products around the world.

In addition to the more traditional ones, linked to family farms, such as breeding, fruit growing and viticulture, young companies are dedicated to the rediscovery of ancient grains, to food and environmental education activities with schools, farms and educational gardens, up to the paths of pet therapy. There are many facets that see young people increasingly protagonists of agriculture, with a sensitivity and a strong focus on the environment and social.

If you are travelling to Piedmont, please visit one of the young farmers, so you can encourage the young generation.  Please submit all your questions about Piedmont to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. 

Vinum, 40% growth compared to last year's edition

Over 18 thousand tickets sold with a growth of over 40% compared to the previous year, 420 producers with 745 labels, a building, five squares, nine bars involved for the Vinum aperitifs, eleven dining options dedicated to street food ëd Langa , seven cheese workshops, thirteen appointments in the Vinum program meets, fourteen Vinum wineries in the winery and more than twenty side events have enriched this 42nd edition of the Vinum national fair, flagship of the Piedmontese wine promotion.
 The Vinum public reveals an increasingly higher profile every year. We have hosted families with young visitors who are attentive, demanding, curious to know and to know. The experiential offer, among the aperitifs and visits of Vinum in the winery and the insights of Vinum meets, was a winning element on which we intend to aim for the next edition on which we are already working. 
"It was a very successful edition of Vinum 2018", underlines the Mayor of Alba Maurizio Marello and the city councilor for the events and tourism Fabio Tripaldi. "Thousands of people have filled our city with a new record in terms of attendance at the event born 42 years ago. This makes us enormously pleased. The format of the open-air vinegar with tastings in the squares next to the quality street food offered by our villages and the great wines at the Palazzo Mostre e Congressi, together with the richness of the gastronomic products of our territory, has proved successful again. Now our city is visited by tourists from all over the world. However, we continue to work on promoting networking with other players and moving in the national and international context together with the other 25 UNESCO world cities creative city of gastronomy, thanks to the recognition arrived at the end of October 2017 and which is already bringing us remarkable results ».
The territories in which our wines are born are the most suitable places to deepen the knowledge of the most famous names and to discover the less known ones. The enthusiasm of wine lovers who participated in Vinum was not limited to tastings in the streets of Alba, but thanks to a virtuous system of territorial promotion in the round, made sure that they could visit the cellars, get to know the producers and taste the typical products through the local cuisine. All without forgetting the more formative side of the experience: on the occasion of the appointments organized by the Piedmontese wine protection consortia, they had the opportunity to obtain information in a more technical and timely manner, thanks to the expertise of the speakers 

The home of Levi will be transformed in a brand new museum

"Thanks we met." With this phrase, a small circle of friends recalled, on the tenth anniversary of the death, Romano Levi, the "angelic grappaiolo", known worldwide for its grappas, distilled with the direct fire alembic, made unique by the labels hand drawn. In the main hall of the School of White Art, we met those who had known Romano and his sister Lidia and who, after their disappearance, worked to ensure that the work and memory of the Levi were not lost.
The anniversary was the occasion for Roberto Cerrato, director of the Center for studies on the cultural landscape of the Langhe, to hand over to the current owners of the distillery, Luigi Schiappapietra and Lucio Scaratti, the plate "The places of memory and tradition of the vineyards". The recognition, sponsored by the Association for the wine-producing landscapes of Langhe-Roero, wants to reiterate that the culture and the history of the territory continue to live in the memory of those figures who helped to write the story.
Today we found ourselves, to remember the man, before the grappaiolo and the artist. Personally I have never met Levi, but I had the opportunity to know him through what I read and the stories of those who knew him. A man who has had great respect for the female world, nature and animals, "said Scaratti. The journalist Beppe Orsini recalled some of his famous utterances. Asked if he felt more like an artist or a poet, Levi replied: "I am just a grappaiolo", and he stated that his best collection was handshakes. "It is our intention to restructure the house of Romano and Lidia, to make it accessible and transform it into a real museum", concluded Schiappapietra.

Barbero Nocciole, nieuwe start van de hazelnoten verwerkende fabriek

Het avontuur van Barbero Nocciole, de belangrijkste hazelnootfabriek in Noord-Italië in Santo Stefano Belbo, begint opnieuw. Het bedrijf, dat in de loop van 2017 zijn 68-jarige manager, Ezio Barbero, zoon van Dario, stamvader van het gezin en pionier van de markt voor hazelnotenverwerking, verloor, ging van het factureren van meer dan 50 miljoen jaar worden geliquideerd juist vanwege het verdwijnen van zijn patroon Ezio.
Sindsdien, na meer dan een jaar van onderzoek en onderhandelingen, hebben twee ondernemers, verenigd door de passie voor het territorium en de bescherming van de specifieke kenmerken ervan, samen met het Ascopiemonte (consortium dat meer dan 500 hazelnootproducenten samenbrengt) besloten een nieuwe het bedrijf, Barbero Srl, kocht onroerend goed, machines en uitrusting van het bedrijf van Ezio Barbero om het bedrijf opnieuw op te starten. De productie start opnieuw vanaf het seizoen 2018 en zal hoeveelheden verwerken van ongeveer 50.000 kwintalen hazelnoten, voor het maken van geschilde hazelnoten, granen, hazelnootpasta en schelpen voor biomassa.
«Barbero's activiteiten hebben altijd een sterke impact op de sociale en economische ontwikkeling van het gebied gegarandeerd. Zonder dit bedrijf was het commerciële vacuüm te breed. Ons doel is om een ​​realiteit te creëren die fungeert als een brug tussen de hazelnoot producerende boerderijen en de industrie ", aldus de hoofden van het nieuwe bedrijf
«Het was een lange en complexe reis die positief werd afgesloten dankzij de constante belangstelling en samenwerking van de gemeente Santo Stefano Belbo. We willen graag iedereen en in het bijzonder de burgemeester, Luigi Genesio Icardi, bedanken voor het feit dat ze hard heeft gewerkt om een ​​winnende oplossing te vinden, niet alleen voor dit bedrijf, maar voor het hele grondgebied, voor werknemers en producenten van hazelnoten », aldus de nieuwe eigenaars.
Het plan om het bedrijf opnieuw te lanceren, zal snel van start gaan: het werk is al begonnen met het onderhoud en de installatie van de installaties en zal volgens bronnen uit het bedrijf ongeveer een dozijn mensen onmiddellijk nemen en vervolgens rond de 25/30 op volle capaciteit aankomen .
Burgemeester Icardi vult aan: "Het nieuwe pand bestaat uit ondernemers uit onze provincie, serieuze en bekwame mensen in de sector, die samen met Ascopiemonte deze uitdaging hebben aanvaard. De Barbero-poorten heropenen na veel hard werk en toewijding, is een grote voldoening voor iedereen. In tijden van crisis waarin bedrijven sluiten en ontslaan, sparen en dertig banen herscheppen, is dit een geweldig resultaat, niet alleen voor onze stad, waar de structuur zich bevindt, maar voor de hele toeleveringsketen voor hazelnoten. Piemonte. 

Barolo Boys and Decanter

BAROLO BOYS Het nieuwste nummer van het tijdschrift Decanter was volledig gewijd aan Italië.
In het bijzonder begint de diepgaande analyse van de Italiaanse keuzes met betrekking tot grote vaten, barriques, amforen en dergelijke met een citaat uit de film "Barolo boys".
Goed nieuws voor de productie van de film, opgenomen in het Piemonte-programma.
Het verhaal van Elio Altare, verteld in "Barolo Boys", zal ook op 17 mei te zien zijn tijdens de vertoning op het Italiaanse Instituut voor Cultuur van San Francesco.
BAROLO BOYS The latest issue of the Decanter magazine was entirely dedicated to Italy.
In particular, the in-depth analysis of Italian choices regarding large casks, barriques, amphorae and similar starts with a quote from the film "Barolo boys".
Good news for the production of the film, included in the Piedmont program.
The story of Elio Altare, told in "Barolo Boys", will also be featured on May 17 during the screening at the Italian Institute of Culture of San Francesco.

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