Incentive Package in Trentino 

The horizon in the southern area of Trentino is marked with the impressive peaks of The Dolomites that lead you, further north, to the glorious heights of The Alps. Its natural landscapes form an ideal scenery for outdoor sports like Nordic walking, hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, canoeing, rafting, hand gliding ... The city of Trento with its picturesque historical centre and solid viticulture tradition is also definitely worth visiting.

At the southernmost part of the region lies the northern part of Lake Garda, easily reached by the airport of Verona. The panoramic road along the lake shows glorious villas, ancient remains, castles, and a breathtaking view over the clear blue water. The region offers a lot of possibilities for incentive and sporting activities as well as excellent venues for dining. Trentino, in the Alto Adige region, thrives on polenta, usually made from corn but also from potatoes or buckwheat, which is used in a sort of cake called smacafam, baked with sausage, salt pork and sometimes cheese.

Alto Adige's gastronomic pride is Speck, boned pork flank smoked and aged by artisans, mainly in the Venosta valley. Trentino's white-wine grape Nosiola produces a tasty dry wine and is also the base of Vino Santo, an opulent dessert wine from the Valle dei Laghi north of Lake Garda.

This region is reached through the airports at Verona and Innsbruck

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