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Whoever visits Calabria will surely appreciate it for its authenticity, as one of the least touristy regions of Italy. This large region contains merely 5,000,000 inhabitants (the same as Rome). Calabria has a turbulent past that goes back to the ancient times. Having been part of Magna Crecia they were inhabited by the Romans, Byzantines, Normans and also the Spanish, Austrians and Bourbons. After being contaminated by malaria and suffering from pirate raids, they went isolating themselves in the mountains. As a matter of fact in 1861, with the unification of Italy, only 1 road led to this region and no train passed through!

Today Calabria astonishes us with places to visit reminding us of its chaotic past such as the village of Bagnara, the national Museum in Reggio Calabria with the famous Bronzi di Riace, the archaeological site of Sibari. The natural aspects of the region are extremely varied: from the huge mountain range of Sila to the untouched beauty of the beaches - especially around Tropea.

Calabrians have an appetite for hefty soups and pastas laden with vegetables, headed by eggplants, peppers and tomatoes and ranging on through artichokes, asparagus, potatoes, beans and peas. The red onions of Tropea, a town on the Tyrrhenian coast, are renowned for aroma and flavor. The lofty Sila range between Cosenza and Catanzaro abounds in mushrooms, including the prized porcini. Calabria is also major producer of olive oil, accounting for about 25 percent of the nation's total.

Calabria's best-known wine is Cirò which grows in low hills along the Ionian coast between the ancient Greek cities of Sybaris and Kroton (Sibari and Crotone today). Other wines are Melissa and the rare, delicious Greco di Bianco.


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