Mille Miglia and Oldtimers – Northern Italy

Experience "la dolce vita" behind the steering wheel of one of our nineteen superb oldtimers! With the wind in your hair you will take in all the scents around you as you admire the hilly landscape, the cypresses and vineyards around you.

Nostalgia à la carte: Your lunch will consist of a picnic basket filled with local products, but you will dine and sleep in style. Oldtimer enthousiasts will definitely be astounded by our visits to selected private collections and museum collections.

In between activities you will taste artisanal, elegant wines made by the producers that made the Land of the Boot "grow" with the times. To optimize your experience, we bring you exclusively to authentic companies where the families that run them will proudly acquaint you with the products that they produce and sell every day.

"Mille Miglia and Oldtimers" is a programme that puts nostalgia, Slow Food and exquisite wines front, middle and centre!

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