Wine tour in Piedmont by own car or rented car from airports 

Slow food & Wine tour (4-day wine tour as a short trip or 7-day wine trip as a full-sized tour)

Slow food & Wine tours are available pretty much everywhere in Italy, but we believe we have good reason to present you with one region in particular: Piedmont. The international Slow Food movement saw its beginnings here and this has left clear marks! The Banca del Vino (an historic wine collection) is located in Piedmont, as are Università delle Scienze Gastronomische (fastronomic university), Michelin-starred restaurants and much more. Come taste exclusive Italian wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco, or why not the White Truffle of Alba? These are all local delicacies that provide your tastebuds with a sensation they will not soon forget.

With your own car or VIP shuttle service

Would you like go on this wine tour through Italy with your own car or a rental? Then make use of one of our roadbooks Barolo-Barbaresco-Roero-AltaLanga.  Do you want to skip a stop or stick around for hours in one of the magnificent places you have discovered? No problem! 

If you'd rather not drive yourself, you can make use of our vip shuttle service. The driver will take you everywhere you need to be. All you need to do is enjoy all the delicacies Piedmont has to offer and you don't have to worry about any police and alcohol control.

Our different wine tours

Wine tour: Barolo – Italy (64 km)

Alba - Grinzane Cavour - Serralunga - Monforte - Barolo - La Morra

The Barolo route is the ideal starter and guides you along eleven small wine producing villages, with the possibility of visiting the interactive wine museum Wi Mu and the corkscrew museum Museo Cavatappi, of attending a grissini workshop at a traditional bakery and of course of wine tastings in what is sure to be some of the most historic wine cellars of the region. Enjoy the panoramic viewpoint at Belvedere in La Morra, as well as the beautiful medieval setting of Castello Grinzane Cavour. The highlight of this tour are the black and white truffles of Alba, which you will taste in different forms specially prepared by craftsmen.

Wine tour: Barbaresco – Italy (60 km)

Alba - Neive - Barbaresco - Mango - Trezzo Tinella - S.Rocco Seno d’Elvio

The Barbaresco route takes you along a chapel where a wine cellar is housed, where you will savour its distinctive Barolo wine, and along Neive, where you will find the most beautiful slow food shop, on the terrace of which you can feast on local specialties, and along numerous other enticing venues. The Barbaresco wine is made entirely from Nebbiolo grapes grown in a small rural area east of the city of Alba, including two municipalities of Alba, San Rocco and Seno d'Elvio as well as the villages of Barbaresco, Neive and Treiso.

Slow food on this tour: you will visit the mamma's of Barbaresco whose daily mission is to carry on the traditions of the region. If you want to attend a cooking workshop, this is the place to be.


Wine tour: Roero – Italy (92 km)

Alba - Guarene - Castellinaldo - Canale - Montà - Monteu Roero - Baldissero - Monticello - Pollenzo - Cherasco - Verduno

The Roero, the third of the Nebbiolo wines, is produced in a region that is less well-known than Barolo or Barbaresco. During this tour you will pass through landscapes that will fascinate you with their diversity. Among many other beautiful adventures you will experience the vineyards of Castellinaldo and Canale, the forests of Monteu and Baldissero and the hills of Cherasco and Verduno. You will become acquainted with the country that gave birth to slow food and its philosophy. In this region slow food means: visiting a cheese store with the highest number of cheese varieties and decorated as a 1950s store. You will also visit a Pasticceria that looks like an 1880s place and where you can taste the Tonda Gentile and Baci di Cherasco chocolate. The pastry chefs are similar to the highest ranking professionals in Belgium. Here you can taste eight very different varieties.

You can expand your wine tour with for example:

- A  tree day trip in the Monferrato and Alto Piemonte region where you will stay in a perfectly authentic and idyllically located agritourism with its own restaurant where slow food is the most important thing. During these three days you will visit the fascinating winery La Cantina del Signore where Gattinara will be tasted,  also Rovellotti where Ghemme sets the tone, and not to forget the most authentical winery Vicara where you will discover the native wine varieties such as Barbera  and Griginolino. These three wineries are very different from each other, three completely different worlds. 

Another option:  you can spend your daytime and overnight stays  in Turin where you will decide entirely what you wish to do. Are you a light culture freak? Then take your time in Eataly, in historic cafes, in a couple of nice churches, squares, alleys, old shops with tastings. A big culture aficionado? Then you will enjoy the Palazzo Madame, Palazzo Reale, Mole Antonelliana, Museo Egizio, and many others. You can also visit the Juventus Museum and the Museo dell'Auto (a must see for every car lover). Even if the visit was suggested by their partner the ladies will be surprisingly charmed as well by the decorative approach of this museum and will definitely not be bored.

Would you like to go on Italian wine tour with us? Don't hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to help you. Not a big fan of cars? You can also enjoy slow food and wine during our Vespa tours!

Your Piedmont Expert

Karina Imschoot

Why is she your best choice for Top Quality Time Holidays?

She visited Piedmont in 2006, fell in love with the region, spent holidays 4 times a year in Piedmont and finally has settled her home in Piedmont in  2012.

She lived in both places:  first Cherasco, then Barbaresco but returned to Cherasco.

With her knowledge,  with the fact that she came in as a tourist as well and lived all experiences as a tourist,  she is a perfect match for your quality time in Piedmont

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