A Guide To Family-Friendly Activities In The Campus Hub Piazza

Nestled within the heart of Campus Hub in Malta lies a vibrant and welcoming oasis known as the Campus Hub Piazza. This enchanting space is not only a hub of activity but also a haven for families seeking memorable experiences. From its lush greenery to its diverse range of offerings, the Campus Hub Piazza has something for everyone. This guide will talk about a bunch of fun things to do with your family in the Piazza that make it a must-see for both kids and adults.

Enjoy The Lush Greenery

The first thing you’ll notice as you enter the Campus Hub Piazza is its beautiful green surroundings. This carefully planted area is a peaceful place to get away from the stress of everyday life. Families can take leisurely strolls, have a picnic on the grass, or simply relax under the shade of the trees. The Piazza’s verdant charm provides a serene backdrop for quality family time.

Playground Adventures

For parents with active children, the Playground at Campus Hub Piazza is a true gem. The playground is equipped with modern and safe equipment that will keep kids entertained for hours. Swing sets, slides, climbing structures, and more await children of all ages. Parents can sit nearby on comfy seats and keep a close eye on their kids as they play and explore.

Artistic Expression

The Campus Hub Piazza encourages creative expression among its youngest visitors. Art installations and interactive sculptures are scattered throughout the area, allowing children to engage with art in a playful manner. Encourage your kids to interact with these art pieces, sparking their imagination and fostering an appreciation for creativity.

Family-Friendly Events

The Campus Hub Piazza frequently hosts family-oriented events and activities. From outdoor movie nights under the stars to cultural festivals and themed parties, there’s always something exciting happening in the Piazza. Check the event calendar to see what’s coming up during your visit, and don’t miss the opportunity to immerse your family in these unique experiences.

Dining Delights

No family outing is complete without delicious food, and the Campus Hub Piazza doesn’t disappoint. Along the Piazza, there are many bars and restaurants serving a wide range of foods to suit everyone’s tastes. Whether you’re craving Italian pizza, Mediterranean delicacies, or international flavors, you’ll find something to please your taste buds. Many establishments also offer kid-friendly menus, making dining in the Piazza a breeze for families.

Educational Opportunities

The Piazza isn’t just about play and relaxation; it’s also a place of learning. Occasionally, educational workshops and programs are organized for children. The classes are about a lot of different things, from arts and crafts to science and nature. Such activities not only entertain but also provide valuable opportunities for kids to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Fitness And Well-Being

Keeping the family healthy and active is a priority for many parents. In the Campus Hub Piazza, you’ll find open spaces suitable for physical activities like yoga, tai chi, or simply a friendly game of catch. These opportunities for exercise and well-being are invaluable for both parents and children.

Seasonal Delights

The Campus Hub Piazza is a place that evolves with the seasons. Whether it’s springtime blossoms, summer picnics, autumn foliage, or winter holiday decorations, the Piazza transforms to celebrate the beauty of each season. Seasonal events and decorations create a sense of wonder and excitement for families throughout the year.

Storytime Sessions

For younger children, the Piazza occasionally hosts storytelling sessions. Local storytellers and librarians captivate kids with tales of adventure, magic, and imagination. Gather around with other families, and let your children’s imaginations run wild as they embark on literary journeys right in the heart of the Piazza.

Safety And Accessibility

The Campus Hub Piazza is designed with families in mind. Safety measures, including well-maintained pathways and security personnel, ensure a secure environment for children to explore. Additionally, the Piazza is accessible to strollers and wheelchairs, making it convenient for parents with children of all ages and abilities.


The Campus Hub Piazza is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities and experiences waiting to be explored. From the tranquility of its green spaces to the excitement of its playground and events, this vibrant oasis offers countless opportunities for families to bond, learn, and create cherished memories together. So, whether you’re a local looking for a weekend escape or a visitor seeking a unique family adventure in Malta, your go-to destination for Fun in the Piazza at Campus Hub.

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