Reasons Why You Should Visit Malta Now

Malta is a lesser-known European destination, but it is rich in history and culture. There are many reasons to visit Malta, which many people may not know about. Although it’s a little more remote than other European destinations (you can’t just happen to stumble upon it), it’s a charming, small and welcoming destination. Although it is not a major tourist attraction, we have seen that it can still be a great place to spend a relaxing vacation. You don’t need to be convinced if you are looking for a peaceful, educational, and remote holiday in Europe. But if you still want that push, here are some reasons why you should visit Malta.

  1. The History

Although this list doesn’t necessarily go from worst to best, it seems only right, to begin with, the history, which is one of the main reasons to visit Malta. The humble island of Malta is home to some of the richest history dating back to the dawn of civilization. It is a nation that was conquered by the Normans, Arabs, and the Normans. The Phoenicians and Carthaginians left their marks. However, it is rich in culture and history from across Europe.

This mark is not just in knowledge. This history has left behind temples and ruins as well as shipwrecks. Time and adventure have left Malta with some of the most ancient freestanding megalithic temples anywhere in the world. These monuments are even older than Stonehenge. It will be an unforgettable experience to visit a land that has been visited by so many civilizations.

  1. Scuba Diving

It’s no surprise that Malta is a Mediterranean island. This means that it has an expansive ocean within easy reach. It’s not only the perfect spot for beginners, but the entire area around Malta is a great reason to visit Malta. Malta is the perfect place to learn scuba diving or simply to relax in a calm area.

The sea around Malta offers 20m visibility, a low risk of encountering dangerous organisms, and lots of wrecks and reefs. It offers crystal clear waters and a variety of diving spots and equipment. You can also get diving certifications starting at age 10.

  1. Beaches

Malta has stunning beaches that allow you to enjoy the warm sun and clear waters while still enjoying a relaxing holiday. You can find intimate beaches, like Hondoq-Rummien near Qala. These beaches have clear waters and are perfect for snorkeling. You can also find larger, family-friendly beaches like Ghajn Tuffieha which are located below beautiful hills in an unspoiled region. You will find the perfect beach in Malta for every type of traveler, whether you are going solo, traveling with friends, looking for an activity, or just looking to relax.

  1. Food

Good food is the best way to complete your holiday. Malta’s more adventurous cuisine is a great choice. This is because the food is so delicious due to the many civilizations that have occupied these islands over time. They bring together all of Maltese History in their amazing cuisine so you can treat your taste buds and get just a small taste of Malta’s past.

As you might expect, traditional Maltese cuisine tends to be more Provencal than Italian. This means that many traditional dishes are prepared with wine, which is a great treat for wine lovers. Fresh fish dishes are also plentiful, as they are vibrantly prepared from the many species of fish caught on the islands.

  1. Abseiling

Abseiling is a great option for holiday-goers looking for an adrenaline rush. Although it is not for everyone, it’s a beautiful place to go abseiling. It’s worth it for anyone who has never attempted abseiling before. Abseiling is a dream in Malta. Malta is highly recommended to anyone who wants to experience this activity. Many companies offer different packages. Whether you want to be guided by a professional guide or have your private tour, you will find a wide range of options.

  1. Nightlife

After you have spent enough time relaxing on the beach, the sun has set, and it’s time to enjoy Easter in Malta and the nightlife in this small and welcoming community. There are bars, clubs, theatres, casinos, restaurants, and other venues that will cater to every night owl who wants to make the most of their time abroad. There are many festivals to visit.


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